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Lowell Vincent Lacey

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04/16/12 12:24 AM #1    

Dorothy H. Dobson

I remember Lowell at Smedley and at Wilshire Presbyterian Church around the block from our home on south Towner St. His father, Reverend Garland G. Lacey was the minister of the church and his mother, my former piano teacher, was the organist. Lowell learned to play piano and organ from his mother and was wonderful. We were in orchestra together at Smedley, he on piano and I on the violin. He had many a piano solo during our orchestral performances. After high school he eventually went to study at Julliard in New York. He was an only child and very close to his parents. His father retired from Wilshire Pres. and for a time was the Dean of students at Chapman University. His mother died in the 70's from a long bout with cancer and his dad in 1986 from a sudden heart attack. Lowell passed away on October 9, 1994 at age 49 . I found a picture of him after receiving an award for being the musical director of "Carousel" in 1985.  Lowell is on the left.

08/22/12 03:09 PM #2    

Lynda Goff (Maloney)

Nice memories and photo, thanks Dorothy!

02/27/15 07:40 AM #3    

Charla L. Hayden

Lowell was such a musician!  And a very unique human being!  It's painful to know that he died so young. From the photo above, I can see those hands which could span more than an octave on the keyboard when they needed to.  He did accompany me a couple of times when I sang in assemblies - both at Smedley and at Valley - and was so good at it.  I'm sure there's music (and poetry) wherever he is!  Best, Charla

02/28/15 05:53 PM #4    

Sherilyn A. Folsom (Held)

My main contact with Lowell was through the Latin Club.  He and I were very active in it and worked closely to make the club as good as we could.  The crowning glory of the year was the Slave Sale and then the Roman Banquet, complete with a cooked whole pig with an apple in his mouth!  What fun we had!  One of my musical memories of Lowell was when we, as the planners of the Banquet, were invited to Mrs. Minard's (our Latin teacher) house.  She layed out a spread of food that had to be the most elaborate buffet I have ever seen in my life.  The amount of work she put into it must have been hours.  Anyway, after gorging ourselves on the delicious food and taking care of the Latin Club business, we sat around the piano.  Lowell played and the rest of us sang - we stayed into the late night and had nothing but fun.  There were several of us there, I remember Skip Davis and Bonnie (I don't remember her last name), as well as at least one or two others.  The only other contact I had with Lowell was through my brother, who was studying the violin.  He and Lowell became friends through that music.  We lost touch after we graduated, but I never forgot him.  I was so saddened to learn of his early demise.

03/01/15 02:55 PM #5    

Glenda K. Hardcastle (Jansson)

Lowell was a true, and talented gentleman, even in Junior High and High School.  And for a young lady who was very shy, and found it difficult in group settings, Lowell always quietly and kindly acknowledged me as a friend. He was truly "gone too soon."

03/02/15 08:44 AM #6    

Robert T. Bunyan

I met Lowell at a luncheon in Santa Ana when I was in 9th grade at Lathrop Junior High.  He and I were to give speeches to the Optimist Club.  To this day I don't know how I a let my English teacher talk me into giving a speech, as I was the worst.  I remember how smooth and eloquent Lowell was and we became friends when we shared classes at Valley.  I do remember the Latin Club slave sale and being auctioned off and seeing Lowell in his white sheet and how much fun we had during these events.  Most of all, I recollect how kind Lowell was and his cheerful demeanor and smile.  I was saddened to know he left us so early.

03/02/15 11:54 AM #7    

Janice M. Sedberry (Wulfkuhle)

Glenda, I don't recall the name of my history teacher who harassed me to the point of tears until one time he attacked my parents. My response caused his response and it was downhill from there. I did not consider that it happened to other students.

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